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Information Security Manager - Media Content Solutions

Postuler maintenant Postuler ultérieurement Identifiant de l’offre d’emploi 763214BR Emplacement Burbank, Californie, États-Unis Entreprise The Walt Disney Studios Date de publication 15/07/2020

Résumé du poste:

The Manager, Content & Information Security (Business Engagement & Advisory) will be responsible for strategies and solution deployment to secure media assets as they move through the supply chain. This is a unique position that supports the content lifecycle from script to screen across Disney’s film, television, and streaming production logos. As a member of a team dedicated to comprehensively addressing content security risks, this subject matter expert will drive innovative, scalable, efficient, and measurable solutions to protect new intellectual property that is at the core of the Company’s success. The team is seeking an individual with media creation, distribution, and security knowledge who can build and maintain new capabilities as a technical advisor, collaborator, and problem solver.


Overall Responsibilities:
  • Ensure that the latest and most appropriate technologies are available for use to forensically watermark, encrypt, and track pre-release assets during production and post production
  • Maintain visibility across marketplace for media protection technology, introducing concepts and strategies for deployment in Disney work-in-progress and pre-release distribution workflows
  • Partner with media security vendors to identify and influence the development of product features that allow for efficiency and scale
  • Identify gaps in workflows and potential use cases that would benefit from additional or improved watermarking and drive projects that improve processes
  • Align and influence the use of media protection tools utilized across Studio divisions and segments of the Company
  • Execute the deployment and configuration of media protection tools across in-scope workflows without disrupting production and business momentum
  • Serve as a subject matter expert within the Studio to advise on matters related to watermarking, file protection, and media security, both within Studio Technology and across business units
  • Participate in strategic initiatives that solve process pain points and security risks at the same time

Specific Responsibilities
  • Develop and maintain deep knowledge across Disney’s content pipelines, including key business units, systems, vendors, and distribution channels
  • Catalog and assess current state use of forensic watermarking technologies across workflows
  • Identify gaps, opportunities, and integration points in order to enhance the security and traceability of assets
  • Track and evaluate investment in content protection tools and technologies across the Studio and the Company
  • Maintain and enhance current deployments of asset protection solutions, including vendor relationships, support for current users, integration with Studio helpdesk resources, and onboarding
  • Ensure that technology and operations groups are properly equipped to adopt and scale watermarking activities in the production and distribution supply chain
  • Critically evaluate and report on usage of media protection tools
  • Develop presentations that illustrate current state issues, risks, and solutions
  • Influence new adoption of media protection technologies to address business unit objectives and overall content protection strategy
  • Collaborate internally with asset management, video streaming, media systems, and post production technology teams in order to identify innovative and valuable integrations
  • Develop working knowledge of Studio’s post production, operations, marketing, distribution, and franchise workflows in order to gain visibility into media security landscape
  • Collaborate with Distribution Technology team to leverage related work and testing that is performed for consumer-facing media technology
  • Contribute to documentation and guides for internal employees, vendors, and production crew in order to facilitate onboarding, adoption, and operation of media security tools
  • Provide ad hoc support for tool deployment on regular basis as inquiries and requests arise

Qualifications Nécessaires:

  • 5+ years of experience in film/television post production audio/video, media engineering, content operations, or media asset management
  • 2-3 years of experience participating as a power user, developer, architect, or consultant for media asset management or media processing systems
  • Experience working on high budget film, television, and streaming projects distributed by major studios, networks, and streaming services
  • Experience adhering to or enforcing MPAA content security standards in the workplace
  • Familiarity with common media transfer and asset management products
  • Experience in technical project management leading large-scale technology initiatives, including generating project plans, identifying critical paths, and logging project issues and risks
  • Awareness of key film and TV production processes, including editorial, localization, mastering, and trailer/TV spots
  • Understanding of broader marketing and franchise functions within a major media company
  • Familiarity with cloud-based media system architecture and concepts for storage, transfer, and virtualization
  • Desire to innovate, challenge industry norms, and influence the business
  • Ability to embrace change in an evolving industry
  • Ability to provide polished and timely support to internal customers
  • Integrity and a desire to address risks and issues
  • A genuine passion for media and entertainment and a concern for the security of creative works
  • Working knowledge of video/audio editorial and processing tools such as Avid Media Composer, Resolve, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Clipster, FFmpeg, Vantage, and Pro Tools
  • Working knowledge of forensic watermarking techniques, products, related processes
  • Knowledge of cryptography schemes and data encryption standards
  • Ability to gather user requirements from a technical, functional, and creative perspective
  • Strong analytical skills to identify risks, process gaps, and solve problems
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative
  • Ability to follow through on commitments, meet deadlines, and provide meaningful status to leadership
  • Meeting facilitation and business communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate and build working relationships cross-functionally, including technical managers, creatives, executives, vendors, and security peers
  • Must have above average presentation and written/verbal communication skills

Formation Requise:

  • Bachelor's degree in Film/TV, Audio/Video Engineering, Computer Science, Systems Integration, IT Engineering, or related fields

Sur The Walt Disney Studios:

Depuis plus de 90 ans, The Walt Disney Studios représentent la base sur laquelle The Walt Disney Company s’est construite. Aujourd’hui, le Studio propose des films, de la musique et des mises en scène de qualité aux consommateurs du monde entier. Les longs métrages sont publiés sous les enseignes suivantes : Disney, y compris Walt Disney Animation Studios et Pixar Animation Studios, Disneynature, Marvel Studios et Lucasfilm. The Disney Music Group englobe les labels Walt Disney Records et Hollywood Records, ainsi que Disney Music Publishing. The Disney Theatrical Group produit et autorise des événements en direct, notamment Disney on Broadway, Disney on Ice et Disney Live!. Notre culture est une culture d’innovation, d’inspiration et de collaboration qui rassemble des artistes visionnaires, des technologues talentueux et des esprits d’entreprise astucieux pour donner naissance à des expériences de divertissement magiques pour un public mondial.

Sur The Walt Disney Company:

The Walt Disney Company, avec ses filiales et ses sociétés affiliées, est une grande société internationale et diversifiée de divertissement familial et de médias couvrant les secteurs d’activités suivants : réseaux de médias, parcs et centres de vacances, studio de divertissements, produits de consommation et médias interactifs. Depuis ses modestes débuts en tant que studio de dessins animés dans les années 20 jusqu’à son statut de référence dans l’industrie du divertissement d’aujourd’hui, Disney poursuit fièrement sa tradition de création d’histoires et d’expériences exceptionnelles pour tous les membres de la famille. Les histoires, les personnages et les expériences de Disney touchent les consommateurs et les visiteurs du monde entier. À travers nos activités présentes dans plus de 40 pays, nos employés et cast members collaborent pour créer des expériences de divertissement appréciées à la fois au niveau universel et local.

Le poste est rattaché à Walt Disney Pictures , qui fait partie du secteur d’activité que nous appelons The Walt Disney Studios.

Walt Disney Pictures est un employeur qui souscrit au principe d’égalité des chances. Les candidat(e)s seront pris(es) en considération pour l’emploi sans considération de race, de couleur, de religion, de sexe, d’origine nationale, d’orientation sexuelle, d’identité sexuelle, de handicap ou de statut d’ancien combattant protégé. Disney favorise une culture commerciale où les idées et décisions de tous et toutes nous aident à grandir, innover, créer les meilleures histoires et être pertinents dans un monde en évolution rapide.

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